Welcome to the Travelers Jewels! 

Unique jewelry with a purpose.

I want to share my journey with you first. I am middle aged (Oh my god! I can’t believe I have to say that now) and instead of writing a motivating book about myself, and the things i’ve managed to accomplish while having nothing and well not accomplishing while having nothing..(Like most stories out there blah blah who cares)

I’ve decided, I’ll instead create a jewelry line that is accustomed to you. I’ll let you promote your own story and journey by layering up on my simple, elegant, and inspiring jewels. Wear them to give you relief, wear them to say a statement, wear them to empower you everyday. Tell your story thru genuine semi precious stones. Email me for custom creations you want to own. Or if you feel the need to be mean and negative, you can Troll me to save another.  I am the line I wear. Fun, Funny, Entertaining, Strong, Passionate, Motivating and, a Free Thinker. I prefer to try everything, no regrets, and when I fall down, I get back up and try again another way.


Lets Chat about Chakras.

Its an ancient belief (Hinduism) that with proper mediation and focusing on specific parts of the body we can use gemstones to heal and aid in relief. Reiki is another form of this current day. Changes in lifestyle can create a safe positive environment for us  to think and function. I can definitely say by following some of the simple steps I’ve actually improved my everyday. - And trust me - I’m pretty skeptical. I’m not a yoga lover, tea drinker  (manly because Im an espresso addict, my mind never stops no matter what)

but by channeling my energies into kick boxing- I can say i’ve made a lot of improvements mentally and physically. Each one of our journeys is different and how we manage to accomplish our goals we all get there differently.  



Crown: 7. Violet  (Top of your head)  Nervous System, Pituitary Gland


Third Eye: 6. Indigo (Between your eyes, brow) Spiritual, Intuition, Inner Vision


Throat: 5. Turquoise (Throat) Communication, Creativity, Judgement


Heart: 4. Green (Heart) Love, Compassion, Harmony, Peace


Solar Plexus: 3. Yellow (Mid Chest) Emotions, Ambitions, Feelings, 

Sacral: 2. Orange (Naval) Desires, Sexuality, Emotions,



Root: 1. Red (Bottom of your Feet) Physical Survival, Fight response, Earthly, Grounded